E49 James Tsakalos, Redux: Going Unscripted w/Empty-Handed NLP

Whether or not you’ve had the opportunity to listen to our first conversation with NLP trainer and innovator James Tsakalos (Episode #29. Link below), we truly believe our second conversation with him has an abundance of incredibly powerful insights that can help lead toward a deeper understanding of yourself and others. He and Carlos talk about the mind-body connection, the collaborative dance between our inner and outer experience of the world, and a candid discussion about some of the well-earned criticisms of NLP.

James is as real as it gets which is why we could not pass up the opportunity to have him back on the show to talk more about his extraordinary Spiral Somatics training, and explore his ideas and perspective on using NLP scripts which led him to creating his Empty-Handed NLP workshop. A course specially designed for those who have completed a standard practitioner level NLP training and are wanting a deeper dive into the principles and patterns that allow the techniques to work. James is passionate about equipping NLP practitioners with the skills that can lead to not only true mastery, but true artistry.

Episode #29:

Ontological Flexibility and Spiral Somatics

w/James Tsakalos

Connect with James:

Facebook: @nlpmelbourne

Website: http://nlpmelbourne.com.au/

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