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E69 Sacred Deceptions Revisited

“Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.” -Pablo Picasso The team recently got together to talk about the show, and began reflecting on some of our favorite episodes. So we decided to re-release one of them we all agreed was quite special. In it, Carlos and Satch discuss the truths behind […]

E68 What is “The Field?” w/Vlado Ilić & Ivan Polić

In our first episode of 2020 (Happy New Year!), we have the return of Vlado Ilić and Ivan Polić to our microphones for more conversation about their work with Family Constellations. Join us as we dive into even deeper and often humorous discussion of family, love, spiritual orgasms, and “The Field.” There’s also a wonderful […]

E67 Loving Yourself First w/Rafael Lopez & Sammi Tucker

In this episode, we’re sharing and intimate conversation with a couple of our closest friends, Rafael Lopez and Sammi Tucker, about their journey into love and how it all began with self-love. Along with the concept of “loving yourself first,” the group talks about the problem with “should-ing,” noticing and examining our reactions, holding space […]

E66 On Being, Doing, and Surrender

This episode is yet another example of a beautiful conversation between lifelong friends that just sort of happened organically. Satch and Carlos talk about states of being, states of mind, various perspectives on being versus doing, and… mushrooms. ? You know, just the kind of deep, meaningful, intimate chat we all love having with great […]

E65 Movies That Moved Us

When you think of movies that have had a significant impact on you, which ones come to mind? In this episode, Carlos and Satch talk about just that and share their thoughts and lessons learned from movies that moved them, including: Black Orpheus (1959), Jonathan Livingston Seagull (1973), One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975), […]

E63 Trans-Generational Dynamics w/Vlado Ilić and Ivan Polić

How can we heal a relationship with someone who no longer lives? How do we dissolve the invisible blockages and untie the Gordian Knot of our ancestral past? How can we commune and draw inspiration from our ancestors and tap into the Spring of Life itself? Through his publications and educational works, Vlado Ilić has […]

E62 The Procrastination Episode (Finally!)

Frankly, we’ve been putting this episode off for awhile now. Like… probably around year or so! (lol) It seems as though the timing couldn’t have been better, however, because Carlos and Satch really got into the zone while recording this one all about procrastination. Not surprisingly, they journey to some really deep places as they […]

E61 Exploring the Mechanical Mind of Mark Beckelman

In addition to being a long-time friend of Carlos and Oliver, Mark Beckelman is a retired Marine, dedicated family man, skilled marksman, and airplane mechanic who also works with cooling refrigeration and electricity generation. He also makes guitars, and basically loves to tinker with anything mechanical he gets his hands on. In this fun and […]

E60 The Easy and Relaxed Manner of Mr. Marc Allen

Marc Allen is an author, musician, publisher and CEO of New World Library which has published many best-selling books such as Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain and the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. He recently appeared in the eye-opening documentary called Enlightenment which also features our very own Carlos Casados. In this episode, Satch […]

E59 The Healing Power of Touch w/Dr. Tara Rasta

In this fascinating episode, Carlos and Satch speak with a Dr. Tara Rasta, a chiropractor who offers Functional Wellness to all her patients using Network Chiropractic, Nutrition, Detox and Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy. Dr. Rasta takes the whole person into account by addressing the physical, mental, spiritual and social spheres of life. From healing waves, to […]

E58 In It to Win It: The Invincible Attitude of Sandy Chasteen

In this episode, we have an incredibly fun and fascinating conversation with Holistic Health Coach Sandy Chasteen who has a passion for supporting others’ emotional and spiritual healing. Sandy has a diverse background of life experience, including an award winning role in the U.S. Air Force where she served as a Protocol Officer. In addition […]

E57 Hypnotic Coaching and Deep Trance Identification w/Jess Marion

Jess Marion is a hypnotic coach, NLP trainer, motivational speaker, author and athlete. She co-authored the book Deep Trance Identification with Shawn Carson (our previous guest!) and John Overdurf, and is currently working on her next book about hypnotic coaching. By the way, she’s also legally blind but clearly she has not allowed that hold […]

E56 Deep Trance Identification w/Shawn Carson

Shawn Carson is an expert hypnosis and NLP trainer. Along w/Jess Marion and John Overdeuf, he is the author is Deep Trance Identification: Unconscious Modeling and Mastery for Hypnosis Practitioners, Coaches and Everyday People. Originally from England, he now lives in New York which he refers to as “the greatest city on the earth.” Carlos […]

E55 The Psychedelics Episode

In this episode, Carlos and Satch discuss one of today’s increasingly popular topics: Psychedelics. The pair discuss the history of criminalization, decriminalization, and normalization as well as many of the myths associated with the use of psychedelics. Carlos shares stories from his own experience and offers a thorough exploration of the importance of “set and […]

E54 The Power of the Picture w/”Captain Voyager” James Wanless, Ph.D.

Author, “Edutainer” and Tarot Reader James Wanless joined us for a fun and interesting conversation about intuition, Tarot, and his unique and fascinating life. James, who is also playfully known as “Captain Pick-a-Card,” is the creator of the Voyager Tarot deck, designed in the early 80’s with vibrant ancient and contemporary imagery that is more […]

E53 Shame in Sheep’s Clothing & Warrior Women w/Petalyn Albert

Did you know that shame is the first emotion presented in the bible? Our great friend and compassionate, deep thinker Petalyn Albert returns for another fascinating conversation with Carlos and Satch. This time around they have a deep and meaningful conversation about the relationship between shame, forgiveness and compassion, and the ways shame often shows […]

E52 Fun & Functional Nutrition w/Maritza Worthington

Did you know healing your body can be a delicious adventure? Listen in as Carlos and Satch have an inspiring conversation with Maritza Worthington, a Functional Nutritionist based in Fullerton, CA. She shares about her own health challenges that led her down the path of healing and fascination with Functional Nutrition, and shares something quite […]

E51 Your Creative Inner-Child w/Jenine Lori

 We talk with Children’s Author Jenine Lori about creativity and our inner-child, and she shares the ideas behind her new book, “Surprise, I have 3 eyes!” We also have a great discussion about dreams and lucid dreaming we think you’ll really enjoy. #creativity  |  #innerchild  |  #innervision Connect with Jenine: FB: https://www.facebook.com/JenineLori/ Website: https://www.jeninelori.com/ T […]

E50 On Music Teaching [Music Nerd Edition]

In our latest Music Nerd Edition, fellow musicians Oliver and Lanzo join forces once again to talk music. They are not only musicians, they also both teach music so this time they delve into the subject of music education and share their individual styles and philosophies of teaching. They also discuss the valuable role of […]