E42: Two-Year Anniversary Retrospective

Join us for this very special episode where we celebrate the two-year anniversary of the show, which first aired December 1st, 2016. In this episode, Carlos and Satch take a stroll down memory lane as they walk through some of their most memorable highlights and takeaways from each of their host-only episodes of fascinating topics from the past two years. Here’s a list of the episodes discussed, which of these has been your most memorable so far, and why? Don’t be shy, we love hearing from you!

  • Episode #1: Road Work – Construction Ahead
  • Episode #3: Emotional Time Travel – Releasing Anxiety and Regret
  • Episode #5: Vital Energies in Ancient Traditions
  • Episode #7: Guts and Glory – Intestinal Bacteria
  • Episode #9: Pain vs Suffering: The Difference That Makes A Difference
  • Episode #11: Unwrapping the Present
  • Episode #14: Sacred Deceptions
  • Episode #19: Political Correctness, Censorship and Thought-Policing
  • Episode #20: Lessons From Nature
  • Episode #22: The Art and Science of Dreams
  • Episode #23: The Interesting Thing About Boredom
  • Episode #36: Flying by the Seat of Your Pants
  • Episode #41: Mottos, Memes, and Metaphors – Words To Live By

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Episode #26: About-face w/Daniel Gutierrez: Waking Up from the LIE and Stepping Into Mindful Leadership

Driven, driven, driven for success and a natural inclination for leadership, Daniel had more than a mere taste of The Good Life. Find out what happened when he asked himself, “Is this it? Is this all there is?”

From Christian minister to corporate high-roller, Daniel was also driven by Truth. In addition to his many pearls of wisdom, he talks about the Awakening that led him to the mysteries of Peru and the shamanic healing path… AND how he has come full circle to authentically serve the corporate world that is now seeking him out for mindfulness and leadership training. Find out more in our latest episode!

Connect with Daniel:

Facebook: @abundancedaniel

Instagram: @motivatordan

Twitter: @motivatordan

Episode #25: Wild At Art: Amy Hay and the Centaur’s Arrow

In this episode we have an amazing conversation with one of a kind artist, teacher and naturalist Amy Hay of Centaur’s Arrow. Join us as we view the world through her unique perspectives on art and creativity. Amy invites a new way of seeing things through her work, opening doorways to new dimensions of excellence!

Connect with Amy:

Facebook: @amyhernandezhay

Instagram: @centaursarrow

Episode # 21: Surrendering to Authenticity with JP Morgan

Listen in to this deep and fascinating discussion with the unique and inspiring JP Morgan! Carlos and Satch talk with JP about authentic living, optimization, and surrendering to and harnessing naked authenticity to serve others and our own self mastery.

Connect with JP:

Facebook: @jpmorgancreating

Instagram: @jpmorganjr

Twitter: @jpmorganjr


Episode #14: Sacred Deceptions

Episode #2: Story Crafting with Dr. James Key

What are the ‘KEY’ components of a story? What is Ancient Rhetoric? What is Story Alchemy? What is a Hero’s Journey?

Join us and our first guest expert, Dr James Keyas we explore these topics and so much more for Episode 2 of The Authenticity Show!

Connect with Dr. Key:

Facebook: @drjameskey