E63 Trans-Generational Dynamics w/Vlado Ilić and Ivan Polić

How can we heal a relationship with someone who no longer lives? How do we dissolve the invisible blockages and untie the Gordian Knot of our ancestral past? How can we commune and draw inspiration from our ancestors and tap into the Spring of Life itself?

Through his publications and educational works, Vlado Ilić has been on a global mission of spreading love and peace. He is a professor of language and communications, systemic therapist and teacher of the Order of Love. In this episode, he joins Carlos and Satch for a conversation about his Family Constellations group therapy workshop which he runs several times a year in Los Angeles with the support of fellow facilitator Ivan Polić.

“With incredible patience, humility, respect, and a lot of love, Vlado opens a space for insight into dynamics that helps us become aware of and integrate transgenerational traumas that reside in our collective and individual unconscious,” which accelerates personal development and establishes an “all encompassing harmony.” (

Ivan, who is also a successful author, educator, and filmmaker in his own right, served as translator during this conversation while Vlado spoke in his native Serbian.

We are so excited to bring this episode to you, there is truly an incredible amount of wisdom shared throughout. We hope you will come back and share any insights you gained from this one!

And check back to our website soon for a transcript of the episode you can reference as well! We’ll post a link in the comments on social media when that’s available.

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Episode #33: Struggling Gracefully w/Petalyn Albert

In this episode we talk with friend of the show, Petalyn Albert of Heart Fueled Giants and The NLP Advantage. She is a personal development coach with many tools, specializing in divorce, grief, big life transitions and high-performance, and right out of the gate we get into some really great conversation about all this and more. In addition to divorce and grief, and learning about her fascinating childhood living all over the world, we explore the concept of flow, using struggle as a resource, and doing life as a laboratory experiment where you are both the lab technician and the guinea pig.

There’s a little (and a lot) of something in here for almost anyone who’s ever dealt with struggle or loss of any kind. We know you’re gonna really get a lot out of it, we’d truly love to hear your thoughts on this one and any insights you come away with.

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Episode #31 – Exploring the World of Music w/Incendio Band

Join us for a wonderful, exploratory, musical conversation with JP Durand and Liza Carbé of Incendio Band. 

From their website:

Formed in the summer of 1999 by Jim Stubblefield, Jean-Pierre Durand and Liza CarbéIncendio (which means “fire” in Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish) became a vehicle for the influences and compositional talents of the three musicians. Echoes of music ranging from classical, to jazz, to rock, to flamenco, to Celtic, to even bluegrass can be heard in Incendio’s music. It is no surprise that this eclectic blend of influences has led to a sound that is a truly unique one.


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YouTube: @incendioband