E54: The Power of the Picture w/”Captain Voyager” James Wanless, Ph.D.

Author, “Edutainer” and Tarot Reader James Wanless joined us for a fun and interesting conversation about intuition, Tarot, and his unique and fascinating life. James, who is also playfully known as “Captain Pick-a-Card,” is the creator of the Voyager Tarot deck, designed in the early 80’s with vibrant ancient and contemporary imagery that is more relevant for the 21st Century human.

“Voyager Tarot shows you how to achieve your visions and dreams- creating the success you desire. Use the deck as an intuitive guide to forecast your future- reveal secrets of your subconscious and provide spiritual inspiration. This excellent decision-making tool can help you navigate life- enhancing business planning- relationship building and self-discovery.” (

Whether or not you have in interest in Tarot, we know you will love this conversation because it goes much wider and deeper than that subject alone. While they do take a deep dive into what Tarot is all about and its usefulness as a personal development and insight tool (including several readings for the Au Team), they also discuss self-trust, the power of hormones, and “Edutainment.”

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E50: On Music Teaching [Music Nerd Edition]

In our latest Music Nerd Edition, fellow musicians Oliver and Lanzo join forces once again to talk music. They are not only musicians, also both teach music so this time they delve into the subject of music education and share their individual styles and philosophies of teaching. They also discuss the valuable role of parents in the success of children learning music, and take a slight detour to talk about “the unsung heroes of the music world,” accompanists. Whether or not you’re an educator, there are some nuggets of wisdom throughout you can certainly apply elsewhere.

Episode #39: The Stream of Time [Music Nerd Edition]

Listen in as our resident musicians, Oliver and Lanzo once again discuss all things music in the harmonious way only these music nerds can do. They get into some really good stuff in this one, including rhythm and its vital importance to music, rhythm in different types of music, “stretching” rhythm (rubato) and “breaking the rules.” Lanzo shares his Stream of Time idea and the difference between piano and harpsichord, and the pair discuss Bach (of course) and debate who is the father of western music (which will likely surprise you).

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Episode #32: What is Music?

Join us for a never-before kind of episode where show producer and musician Oliver Althoen hosts his first episode accompanied only by past guest and fellow musician Lanzo Luconi. That’s right, Carlos and Satch took the night off for this one so that these two could dive deep into the subject of music. Let’s be real, these guys have a full music-nerdout together as they discuss topics such as music theory, dissonance in music, classical and modern music and so much more. This is a fascinating one whether you’re a musician or music fan… enjoy!

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Episode #30: The Musical Adventures of Oliver Althoen

In this very special episode, Carlos and Satch sat down with Authenticity Show Producer Oliver Althoen to explore his life, music and even some of their shared history as long time friends. They listen to and discuss several of Oliver’s diverse musical creations, and Oliver gifts us with a live performance of a song you cannot hear anywhere else. Enjoy and please let us know what you think, especially those of you who listen all the way through the incredible journey of a song we end the show with.

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Episode #27: The Language of Music w/Lanzo Luconi

Our guest on the latest episode is classical pianist and piano teacher Lanzo Luconi. Originally from Costa Rica, he runs the Costa Rica Piano Festival and the Costa Rica Music Entrepreneurship Seminar. Show producer and resident musician Oliver Althoen joins Satch and Carlos as co-host in this one to enhance the musical conversation. We begin with talk of his early days as a piano student which evolves into a deep discussion about music as a language, the art of practice, the four stages of learning, and practical Daoism. Lanzo explains his “Eternal Ladder of Discovery” and the quartet discusses the pros and cons of natural ability along with so much more!

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Episode #25: Wild At Art: Amy Hay and the Centaur’s Arrow

In this episode we have an amazing conversation with one of a kind artist, teacher and naturalist Amy Hay of Centaur’s Arrow. Join us as we view the world through her unique perspectives on art and creativity. Amy invites a new way of seeing things through her work, opening doorways to new dimensions of excellence!

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Instagram: @centaursarrow

Episode #22: The Art and Science of Dreams

In our newest episode, Carlos and Satch deeply explore a topic that is so relevant to us all: Dreams. Listen in and learn all about the artsciencemythology and experience of dreaming in this fascinating episode.