E42: Two-Year Anniversary Retrospective

Join us for this very special episode where we celebrate the two-year anniversary of the show, which first aired December 1st, 2016. In this episode, Carlos and Satch take a stroll down memory lane as they walk through some of their most memorable highlights and takeaways from each of their host-only episodes of fascinating topics from the past two years. Here’s a list of the episodes discussed, which of these has been your most memorable so far, and why? Don’t be shy, we love hearing from you!

  • Episode #1: Road Work – Construction Ahead
    • http://authenticityshow.com/episode-1-road-work/
  • Episode #3: Emotional Time Travel – Releasing Anxiety and Regret
    • http://authenticityshow.com/episode-3-emotional-time-travel-releasing-anxiety-regret/
  • Episode #5: Vital Energies in Ancient Traditions
    • http://authenticityshow.com/episode-5-vital-energies-ancient-traditions/
  • Episode #7: Guts and Glory – Intestinal Bacteria
    • http://authenticityshow.com/episode-7-guts-glory-intestinal-bacteria/
  • Episode #9: Pain vs Suffering: The Difference That Makes A Difference
    • http://authenticityshow.com/episode-9-pain-vs-suffering/
  • Episode #11: Unwrapping the Present
    • http://authenticityshow.com/episode-11-unwrapping-present/
  • Episode #14: Sacred Deceptions
    • http://authenticityshow.com/episode-14-sacred-deceptions/
  • Episode #19: Political Correctness, Censorship and Thought-Policing
    • http://authenticityshow.com/episode-19-political-correctness-censorship-thought-policing/
  • Episode #20: Lessons From Nature
    • http://authenticityshow.com/episode-20-lessons-nature/
  • Episode #22: The Art and Science of Dreams
    • http://authenticityshow.com/episode-22-art-science-dreams/
  • Episode #23: The Interesting Thing About Boredom
    • http://authenticityshow.com/episode-23-interesting-thing-boredom/
  • Episode #36: Flying by the Seat of Your Pants
    • http://authenticityshow.com/episode-36-flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants/
  • Episode #41: Mottos, Memes, and Metaphors – Words To Live By
    • http://authenticityshow.com/episode-41-mottos-memes-metaphors/

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