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Episode #4: Finding Your Life Purpose w/ Mike Begala

Mike Begala is a Master Hypnotist, Personal Empowerment Trainer, and Business Consultant. He specializes in helping people transform their mindsets to make dramatic changes in their lives. He’s worked organizations such as FedEx, Alargan, Medtronic and the US Army to help them improve their communication, efficiency, and effectiveness. Mike combines his extensive business experience with personal development tools […]

Episode #2: Story Crafting with Dr. James Key

What are the ‘KEY’ components of a story? What is Ancient Rhetoric? What is Story Alchemy? What is a Hero’s Journey? Join us and our first guest expert, Dr James Key, as we explore these topics and so much more for Episode 2 of The Authenticity Show! Connect with Dr. Key: Facebook: @drjameskey 

Episode #1: Road Work – Construction Ahead

Join us for our very first episode where Carlos and Satch have one of their amazing conversations, this time all about emotional mastery and what is happening within us when intense emotion arises. They cover things such as road rage and how to effectively manage yourself during an “amygdala hijack.” Buckle up!    Connect with […]