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Episode #26: About-face w/Daniel Gutierrez: Waking Up from the LIE and Stepping Into Mindful Leadership

Driven, driven, driven for success and a natural inclination for leadership, Daniel had more than a mere taste of The Good Life. Find out what happened when he asked himself, “Is this it? Is this all there is?” From Christian minister to corporate high-roller, Daniel was also driven by Truth. In addition to his many pearls of […]

Episode #25: Wild At Art: Amy Hay and the Centaur’s Arrow

In this episode we have an amazing conversation with one of a kind artist, teacher and naturalist Amy Hay of Centaur’s Arrow. Join us as we view the world through her unique perspectives on art and creativity. Amy invites a new way of seeing things through her work, opening doorways to new dimensions of excellence! Connect […]

Episode #24: Ancient Skills and Wildcrafting w/Mark Hay

If you found yourself suddenly stranded in an unfamiliar place, far away from civilization, would you know what to do or how to survive? Have you ever craved to retreat from the hustle and bustle of society’s rat-race and unplug for a bit? Have you seen survival shows on TV and daydreamed about being self-sufficient […]

Episode # 21: Surrendering to Authenticity with JP Morgan

Listen in to this deep and fascinating discussion with the unique and inspiring JP Morgan! Carlos and Satch talk with JP about authentic living, optimization, and surrendering to and harnessing naked authenticity to serve others and our own self mastery. Connect with JP: Facebook: @jpmorgancreating Instagram: @jpmorganjr Twitter: @jpmorganjr Website: http://jpmorganjr.com

Episode #11: Unwrapping the Present

Should you empty your mind or fill it? What matters when you don’t mind any longer? Would you mind listening to this episode and learning how much fun exists within the spaces between moments? Explore your inner world while becoming more aware of what surrounds you! Learn about mindfulness… why it’s important, what it is, […]