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E85 Gaming the System

This episode is about games.  Mental games, physical games, and creative games, designed to open up new possibilities in your life, break you out of a stuck situation, or help you achieve whatever goals you want to achieve.  Carlos and Satch draw on their extensive experience in the fields of Occupational Therapy, Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy, and […]

E84 From Conflict to Empathy to Compassion [Part 3]

In part 3 of our series on conflict resolution, Carlos talks about the anatomy of an apology and Satch talks about why it’s ok to bend the rules sometimes, as in the case of Phil Jackson’s handling of Dennis Rodman (which contributed to so many championship wins for that Dream Team). Enjoy! #empathy #compassion #apologies […]

E83 From Conflict to Empathy to Compassion [Part 2]

Join is for Part 2 in our series on authentically navigating through conflict. You’ll find some great ideas and practical, useful techniques for more effectively handling conflict when it inevitably arrives. This really is a must listen. Enjoy! #empathy #compassion #resolution Connect: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPZhWhmbOkUuGLkAnvYs2rw Facebook: @authenticityshow Instagram: @authenticityshow T H E A U T H […]

E82 From Conflict to Empathy to Compassion [Part 1]

Listen in to part one in our series on authentically navigating through conflict, using empathy and compassion as your guides. #empathy #compassion #resolution Connect: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPZhWhmbOkUuGLkAnvYs2rw Facebook: @authenticityshow Instagram: @authenticityshow T H E A U T H E N T I C I T Y S H O W real people | authentic conversations _______________________________________ […]

E81 A Journey to Zero Point w/Arden Leigh

Arden Leigh is the creator and facilitator of The Re-patterning Project, in which she helps “guide you through the process of learning your human system so that you can make the unconscious conscious, see the things you can’t see, and decide what to keep and what to change” when it comes to things like trauma […]

E80 Community & Music w/Kim Le

In this episode, our guest is the amazing and talented Kim Le. In addition to being a great friend of ours, she is owner and director of Pacific Conservatory of Orange in Orange, California, and a pianist and accompanist at Santa Ana College. As is typical, our conversation went to places we didn’t expect, such […]

E79 Music, Society, and Everything

Join us for another Music Nerd Edition with hosts Oliver Althoen and Lanzo Luconi. In this one, they get into some really good stuff, such as life after college, “breaking the rules,” performance innovation, adaptation and flexibility, and so much more. #music #breakingtherules #adaptation Connect with Oliver and Lanzo on Facebook: Oliver: @oliveralthoen Lanzo: @lanzoluc T H […]

E78 Seamus, Carlos, and Africa

Earlier this year Carlos ventured to Tanzania with two great friends to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. You may remember one of those friends, Seamus Warnock, from Episode 6: Tales of the Wandering Lion. This time, Seamus tells his tales of travel together with Carlos to share with us their fun, fascinating, and sometimes pain and tear-filled […]

E77 Who Do You Think You Are?

This episode is about identity. Who we think we are and how we can be more than that. It’s framed around a poem that Satch wrote which encapsulates his thinking on this topic, and leads to another great conversation between he and Carlos. “Whatever it is you think you are, you’re always more than that.” […]

E76 Tapping Intuition in Troubled Times

When things get difficult or downright troubling, it may seem challenging or even impossible to tap into your intuition for solutions or creative ideas. Fortunately, it can be done! Listen in as Carlos and Satch share some of their insights and strategies for accessing intuition in troubled times. And we’d love to hear what works […]

E75 Peaceful Parenting and Unschooling w/Dayna Martin

In this episode, Carlos and Satch have an enlightening conversation with Dayna Martin about some of today’s most relevant topics: home education and peaceful parenting. Dayna is the mother of four children and has been working for two decades as an advocate, educator, featured speaker, and coach, and is the author of three parenting and […]

E74 The Poetry Episode

This episode is devoted to poetry, specifically, original poetry written by Carlos and Satch. This one is authentic as it gets as they share several pieces each they’ve written from the heart, and talk about the meaning or inspiration behind them. It’s a side of themselves they’ve not yet shared much on the show until […]

E73 The Year of Loving Discipline

In this episode, Carlos and Satch have a conversation about discipline, and ways they’ve developed it in their lives such as learning patience, how to fish, break-dancing, and martial arts. They also talk about the sometimes fraught relationship between master and student, and some of the problems with over-identifying with those titles. #discipline #patience #learning […]

E72 Head, Heart, and Gut

This episode is loosely about epistemology, or how we know what we know. Carlos and Satch discuss the difference between inspiration and delusion, and ways to discern if the universe is trying to reveal something to you or whether ego may be running the show. Listen in and let’s talk about it! How do you […]

E71 Developing Compassion

Though this episode is shorter than most, it is big on wisdom as it relates to compassion, ways to develop it, and how to practice it in relationships. #compassion #relationships #emotionalmastery Connect: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPZhWhmbOkUuGLkAnvYs2rw Facebook: @authenticityshow Instagram: @authenticityshow   T H E A U T H E N T I C I T Y S […]

E70 Authentic Leadership

Carlos and Satch take a wonderfully deep dive into the topic of leadership, discussing its various styles and motivations, exploring many research examples and leadership lessons from nature. They also share stories of their own leadership experience and perspectives on great leadership. #leadership #authenticleadership #leadershiplessonsfromnature Connect: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPZhWhmbOkUuGLkAnvYs2rw Facebook: @authenticityshow Instagram: @authenticityshow   T H […]

E69 Sacred Deceptions Revisited

“Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.” -Pablo Picasso The team recently got together to talk about the show, and began reflecting on some of our favorite episodes. So we decided to re-release one of them we all agreed was quite special. In it, Carlos and Satch discuss the truths behind […]

E68 What is “The Field?” w/Vlado Ilić & Ivan Polić

In our first episode of 2020 (Happy New Year!), we have the return of Vlado Ilić and Ivan Polić to our microphones for more conversation about their work with Family Constellations. Join us as we dive into even deeper and often humorous discussion of family, love, spiritual orgasms, and “The Field.” There’s also a wonderful […]

E67 Loving Yourself First w/Rafael Lopez & Sammi Tucker

In this episode, we’re sharing and intimate conversation with a couple of our closest friends, Rafael Lopez and Sammi Tucker, about their journey into love and how it all began with self-love. Along with the concept of “loving yourself first,” the group talks about the problem with “should-ing,” noticing and examining our reactions, holding space […]

E66 On Being, Doing, and Surrender

This episode is yet another example of a beautiful conversation between lifelong friends that just sort of happened organically. Satch and Carlos talk about states of being, states of mind, various perspectives on being versus doing, and… mushrooms. ? You know, just the kind of deep, meaningful, intimate chat we all love having with great […]