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E48: Who is Carlos Casados?

Listen in to learn what elements came together to form Authenticity Show co-host Carlos Casados in this episode that has only been available on our website before now. Satch asks all the questions as Carlos shares some great stories about his life and childhood, his passions and interests, and about his areas of expertise such […]

E47: Challenging Common Wisdom

 How often do we find ourselves using some of these common phrases that, when you stop to look at more deeply, don’t actually align with what you believe to be true, or flat out don’t make sense? 💓 Compassion Fatigue 💘 Fall in Love 💰 The One Who Holds the Gold Makes the Rules […]

E46: James Brown – Professional Opportunist

 Did you know there’s a playful way to break social conventions and bring a little random joy to people at any given moment? James Brown (not *that* James Brown!) is on a quest to restore playfulness and inspire others to just “be silly” with his Urban Chaos strategy. Listen in as this masterful pickpocket, close-up […]

E45: Spiritual Radiance with Scott Ware

Scott Ware went from being in the “spiritual closet” to becoming owner and editor of Radiance Magazine, a print and online magazine widely distributed in the wellness and alternative health communities across Southern California. Scott also hosts his own podcast called The Ware With All where he aims to “Demystify the mystics with electrifying conversation […]

E44: The Virtuosity of Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan Taylor is a master of classical guitar who was voted by guitar player magazine’s 13th best guitarist in the world. He’s studied with Pepe Romero, Christopher Parkening, and Joe Pass, and has performed for royalty and heads of state all over the world. In addition to being a classical guitar master, he’s also a […]

E42: Two-Year Anniversary Retrospective

Join us for this very special episode where we celebrate the two-year anniversary of the show, which first aired December 1st, 2016. In this episode, Carlos and Satch take a stroll down memory lane as they walk through some of their most memorable highlights and takeaways from each of their host-only episodes of fascinating topics […]

Episode #40: redShift Musicworks – Jazz and Beyond

redShift is a local Jazz band from Orange County, CA that you may remember from our live episode: The Tao of Jazz. We invited them back to take a peak inside of their creative process, and learn more about how they make music with two of the band’s geniuses: Dannie Hofmann and Stu Goodis. Learn […]

Episode #39: The Stream of Time [Music Nerd Edition]

Listen in as our resident musicians, Oliver and Lanzo once again discuss all things music in the harmonious way only these music nerds can do. They get into some really good stuff in this one, including rhythm and its vital importance to music, rhythm in different types of music, “stretching” rhythm (rubato) and “breaking the […]

Episode #38: John Kim Used to Be a Miserable F*ck

In the aftermath of heartbreak and divorce, John Kim discovered a passion to help others and went from an aspiring screenwriter to pursuing a career as a licensed therapist. To process his feelings and frustrations during that time, he began documenting his hero’s journey in a blog he titled The Angry Therapist. “Why am I […]

Episode #37: Who is Satch Purcell?

His birth was fortold. He was inspired by a monkey to crawl. Who on earth is Satch Purcell?! In the early days of the show, our co-hosts interviewed one another and those recordings have only been available for listening on the homepage of our website with their bios… until now! You now get to listen […]

Episode #36: Flying by the Seat of Your Pants

Can you remember a time when you were “put on the spot” and had to improvise your way through an unexpected situation? This episode is all about those moments as Satch and Carlos share personal stories about how they got through these kinds of experiences, and is full of practical, real-world strategies for handling all […]

Episode #35: Carlos in Peru – Sacred Submission

“I’m ready to do whatever I need to do to get there.” Come along with us as Carlos shares stories of his recent trip to Peru and Shamanic ceremony while on spiritual retreat in the Amazon Jungle. Topics in this episode include entheogens such as Ayahuasca in personal development work, and the idea of sacred […]

Episode #33: Struggling Gracefully w/Petalyn Albert

In this episode we talk with friend of the show, Petalyn Albert of Heart Fueled Giants and The NLP Advantage. She is a personal development coach with many tools, specializing in divorce, grief, big life transitions and high-performance, and right out of the gate we get into some really great conversation about all this and […]

Episode #32: What is Music?

Join us for a never-before kind of episode where show producer and musician Oliver Althoen hosts his first episode accompanied only by past guest and fellow musician Lanzo Luconi. That’s right, Carlos and Satch took the night off for this one so that these two could dive deep into the subject of music. Let’s be […]

Episode #31 – Exploring the World of Music w/Incendio Band

Join us for a wonderful, exploratory, musical conversation with JP Durand and Liza Carbé of Incendio Band.  From their website: Formed in the summer of 1999 by Jim Stubblefield, Jean-Pierre Durand and Liza Carbé, Incendio (which means “fire” in Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish) became a vehicle for the influences and compositional talents of the three musicians. Echoes of music ranging from […]